Meat per KG

Whether you would like our poultry, lamb, beef or pork. You will find all of our varieties, all per kilo, with plenty of choice. Our meat is freshly sourced from local farmers. Supporting the Sussex Farms. We can cater for many individual requests as we can cut and supply for special occasions or requirement.

Meat per KG There are no products in this category.


  • Beef

    Here is our selection of Beef, whether you are looking for topside, silverside, rib of beef or any other kind. We hope to have something for you, if there is a specific need please let us know. We source all of our beef locally.

  • Lamb

    Here is our selection of Lamb meat. These are priced per kilo. We have a variety of lamb products available including leg or shoulder of lamb, loin chops or chump chops, steaks or fillets. We are sure you will find something you like. We can cater to your specific need or requirements.

  • Pork

    Here is our selection of Pork products available. We have a good variety of products to tempt your taste buds, fill your stomachs and to complement your cooking. These products include chops, fillet, sausages, bacon or gammon. We are sure you can fill your boots with these varieties. If there is a specific need or requirement which you have, let us know.

  • Poultry

    Here is our selection of Poultry meat. These are locally sourced throughout Sussex. The products are priced per Kilogram, allowing you to select exactly the amount you need.